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Motivating Strategies

Motivating Strategies

¨      Teach different ways

¨      Re-teach/repeat

¨      Rewards: Candy/Irish Bucks/Reward Room

¨      Secret incentives – gift box

¨      Food incentives

¨      Hands-on manipulatives

¨      Meaningful problems/scenarios

¨      Students teach

¨      Facilitate and let the class take charge – Example: Mrs. McCloud has her students guide and direct reviewing and deconstructing the standards/elements during opening at the Promethean Board.

¨      Peer helpers/groups

¨      Relate to the real world – Give students time to share their experiences

¨      Dry erase boards

¨      Competition –Daily Four CRCT Review Questions

¨      Charting GPS progress per child on a poster

¨      Compete with CPS

¨      Present out-of-the-box

¨      Science labs

¨      Multiple learning trials

¨      Puzzles with pictures behind them (interactive board)

¨      Produce things – student made products

¨      Chunk instruction – mini lessons

¨      Physical movement

¨      Dress up

¨      Acting out  - charades

¨      Songs and movement

¨      Building items – Using puzzles, riddles (Interactive board), or Lego’s to construct an object as they get problems/answers correct

¨      Chants and pledges

¨      Dry erase desks – Students use desks as dry erase boards to figure problems. Windex cleans it away

¨      Games

¨      Students charting progress (student accountability)

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